Accidents happen, and there’s no way of knowing when they might happen, and that’s why we offer 24 hour emergency restoration services.

As a full-service cleaning company, we have access to the industrial equipment, qualified workers, and extensive experience that’s required in an emergency damage restoration situation. By calling us, you can save the time and money that you’d otherwise have to spend calling subcontractors or renting equipment.

Another headache in damage restoration is obtaining proper permits. Fortunately, we’re highly experienced in this avenue. With a team that includes registered building contractors, we have no problem acquiring the necessary permits in a timely manner so that your home or building can be restored to normal conditions as soon as possible.

To assure cost-effectiveness, we use Xactimate—the industry standard for insurers, adjusters, restoration + reconstruction contractors to quickly estimate accurate repair costs. We also have experience working with all major insurance companies.


Do you have problems in your building which require the services of a professional restoration team? CleanPro is the company to call. Contact us by phone, or by using the form below!