When we talk about mold remediation, what do we mean? Before we get into that, let’s examine mold a little. When water or humidity makes its way into your property, it’s an indisputable fact that mold spores enter as well. These spores are microscopic, which means they can enter within doors, windows, ventilation systems, upon your clothing, or even on your dog or cat.

Keep in mind that, while you’re researching companies to come handle the problem, you’ll see advertisements promising to remove absolutely all of your mold. To put it bluntly, that cannot be done. It’s impossible to get rid of all of the mold in a physical location. However, mold remediation uses hard science to remove the majority of mold and get it back to a natural and healthy level.

At CleanPro, we’re proud to use cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific methods to make your home or office a safer place to be. With more than 10 years of experience, we’ll first take steps to stop the mold infestation in its tracks, then we’ll begin the process of remediation and manage your situation safely and responsibly. We do it all with service rates that are reasonable and a focus on providing superior customer service. To schedule an appointment, contact us by phone or online today!