Scrap metal iron junk garbage in a backyard

Nobody starts their day intending to accumulate junk.

The funny thing about clutter is that it accumulates slowly, until one day you can no longer walk through a certain room or find what you need in your basement.

At CleanPro, we understand that it’s significantly easier to accumulate unwanted items than it is to get rid of them. Below, we’ll discuss five great reasons to invest in junk removal through our Gloucester professionals. Give us a call or contact us online when you’re ready to let our friendly and helpful team declutter your home!

You Need Space

As we mentioned above, one of the most common reasons homeowners contact us for junk removal is that they simply need valuable space freed up. Maybe you have a baby on the way, or perhaps you’d like to turn that guest bedroom that’s overflowing with junk into a home gym. Maybe you’d just like to see the carpet in an area for the first time in years! No matter why you need space, we’ll help you get it quickly.

You Don’t Have Time or Energy

Even though most of us spent much more time than usual at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, that didn’t necessarily mean that we had the extra time or energy to devote to junk removal. Clearing out rooms and sorting through unwanted items is a chore that can leave you mentally drained, and possibly even physically drained if you’re clearing out heavy items.

You Don’t Know How to Dispose of Certain Items

Where should you dispose of an old exercise bike that you haven’t used in years? What should you do with major electronics and piles of clothing that you’ve never worn? Just as it can be mentally taxing to find the time and energy just to start the junk removal process, it can also be taxing to find the proper outlet for disposing of certain items. Don’t get us wrong — it’s important to make sure that donatable items are reaching the right organizations and to prevent items from going into landfills unnecessarily, but many people choose to throw things away precisely because they don’t want to find the proper channels. When you choose a junk removal company like CleanPro, you can rest easy knowing that we’re disposing of everything safely and properly.

You Don’t Have the Equipment

A lot of junk is difficult to get out of a home once it’s inside. Heavy furniture, exercise equipment, and other awkwardly shaped items can be hard to move without the right equipment, and you certainly don’t want to injure yourself or damage your home in the process of moving something out if you don’t know how to use the equipment properly. Moreover, not everyone has a truck or van that can transport mountains of junk! Our team, on the other hand, has everything you need for a smooth and seamless removal.

You’re Ready for a Stress-Free Property

Let’s face it — even if you close the door or never venture down into your basement, it’s stressful to know that junk is taking up valuable space in your home. You know that one day, you’ll have to find the time, energy, and equipment to move everything and clean the space. Or, you’ll need to find even more time, energy, and money to have friends and family help you move everything out.

If the thought of that fills you with dread, know that affordable junk removal is available. If you call CleanPro, we’ll schedule a consultation appointment in which we come to your home and evaluate the items you need to remove. We’ll provide you with a fast and accurate estimate of what it would cost to remove everything, giving you time and space to consider your options. We never use high-pressure sales tactics, but if you’d like us to get to work right after your appointment, we can get the job started and help you clear a path toward peace of mind right then and there. If necessary, we’ll return with more equipment and make as many trips as we need to.

We’ll also provide you with information about how we’ll dispose of your items. We avoid landfills as much as possible and make sure that your clutter isn’t just cluttering up another space.

Ready to get started? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free estimate!


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