There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional to take care of your house cleaning. You want the best home cleaning possible, but you might not have the time, resources, or energy to take care of it yourself. Maybe you’re just not that great of a cleaner, but you still want your home to feel pristine. Maybe you just don’t like cleaning and you’d rather have someone else do it — there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s why we’re here after all!

Whatever you reason is, CleanPro, LLC is here to help. We offer a multitude of useful services, one of them being residential house cleaning. We’ve performed home cleaning services on more houses than we can count, and you can bet that we’ve learned every trick in the book.

If you can name a house cleaning job that your home requires, we can do it.

House Cleaning Services

Our home cleaning services include, but are not limited to:

Kitchen Cleaning: Kitchens can get messy faster than you know it. We’ll scrub your counters, dust your cabinets, clean your sink, wash your dishes, sweep the floor, and more.
Bathroom Cleaning and Scrubbing: Cleaning the bathroom isn’t a job that anyone loves to do, which is why we’ll do it for you! We’ll make sure your toilets, baths, and showers are pristine.
Dusting: Dust builds up everywhere — it’s unavoidable and hard to take care of yourself if you’re not looking out for it. We’ll dust everything in your home that needs it, preventing buildup and improving the air quality of your home.
Glass and Mirror Cleaning: Got smudged windows and mirrors? No problem! We have the best tools in the industry to take care of them. They will be spotless when we’re through.
Dishes, Messes, and Clutter: Sometimes your house isn’t dirty, it’s just messy. If you have clutter lying around that needs to be put away, or dishes to be done, we’ll lend our help.
Floor and Carpet Cleaning: Your home’s floor needs consistent attention whether it’s hardwood or carpet. We can service any type of floor, leaving it nice and clean.
Stain Removal: Stains happen, and they don’t have to be permanent. We have state-of-the-art tools and technology that is incredibly useful for stain removal.
Vacuum: We have cutting-edge vacuums that can handle the toughest jobs, and we’ll put them to use anywhere you’d like.

Ready to get started with house cleaning services? If you’re in the Gloucester and North Shore area and you need a home cleaner, contact us today!