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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have a break from cleaning your house every day of the week? You want a clean house, but you might not have the time, resources, or energy to do it yourself. And that’s okay! That’s why CleanPro is here to help. We’ve performed more house cleaning jobs than we can count to the people of the Gloucester and North Shore areas.



KITCHEN CLEANING: Scrubbing, dishwashing, sweeping, mopping — the works!

BATHROOM CLEANING: We’ll give your bathroom a thorough deep cleaning so you don’t have to.

DUSTING: Dust builds up all the time — getting rid of it will improve air quality in your home.

GLASS & MIRROR CLEANING:Say goodbye to smudges!

VACUUMING: Our state of the art vacuums don’t miss a single speck of dirt.


There are a million reasons why you might not be on top of your home cleaning, and you don’t need to feel bad about any of them. Life can be busy, and sometimes the best choice is to just call a team of professionals to take care of your cleaning for you. At CleanPro, that’s exactly what we do for the people in Gloucester and the North Shore areas of Massachusetts. From cleaning up simple clutter to performing an exhaustive deep clean in every room, we’ve got you covered. Ready to get started? Contact us by phone, or by using the form below!

We also offer a multitude of other services — if house cleaning is just one bullet point on your laundry list of cleaning and household maintenance, be sure to check out all the other jobs that Clean Pro can do for you!




What is it about the kitchen? No matter how much you clean it, it seems to get dirty again all on its own while you’ve got your back turned. Sorcery!

Actually, there’s nothing supernatural about it — it’s just that the kitchen is one of the most-used areas of any home, and it also happens to be the messiest in nature. Dishes add up in the sink quickly. Pots overboil and leak their contents on your stovetop and floor. Crumbs and clippings fall onto the floor. And if you’ve got kids, forget about it — if keeping the kitchen clean wasn’t hard enough on your own, they’ll make a mess of things real quick.

It can be exhausting and overwhelming, and sometimes you strain yourself so hard just maintaining the mess, that you can’t find time for a deep clean. We’ll handle it. We can clean every inch of your kitchen, and when we say clean, we mean clean, not just surface-level treatments like wiping your counters down. We can provide comprehensive deep-clean services to your kitchen if it needs a thorough treatment, or we can provide smaller treatments on a more regular basis, which would prevent the problem from becoming disastrous in the first place.



Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom takes an easy second-place as the room most in need of cleaning. Does anybody really like cleaning the bathroom? For one, it’s pretty icky when you’re working around the toilets. But also, because it’s so moisture-heavy, it can appear deceptively clean even when it’s not, so a lot of people don’t give their bathrooms the attention they deserve.

Did you know that you could have a mold problem brewing if you don’t regularly clean your bathroom? Did you know that the immediate area around your toilet may not be as spotless as you think it is? Don’t spend your precious time agonizing over it, we’ll handle it instead as part of our house-cleanup services.

We will clean your toilets and tubs so they’re authentically cleansed of all germs and bacteria, and sufficiently dry to prevent mold growth. We will sanitize the floors, clean the countertops, and scrub down your mirrors. After all, the bathroom should be a nice retreat in your home, not an uncomfortable mess.



It’s easy enough to dust off surfaces that you’re using all the time, but it’s sobering to see how much dust really collects in the parts of your home that are less frequently traveled. It’s just the worst reaching up somewhere and finding your hand covered with a nasty layer of dust.

But there are bigger issues with dust than just looking gross and being annoying to the touch. The more dust that settles in your home, the more it can degrade your indoor air quality. This leads to issues such as allergies, coughing, congestion, and more. It’s easy to be ignorant of the amount of dust in your home because the buildup occurs so gradually. That’s why it’s useful to have home cleaners visit on the regular.

We understand how dust works, where it likes to go, and all the places that most homeowners probably don’t think of. Furthermore, we have all the necessary equipment to access any area of your home that you might be hesitant to get to yourself. And the good news about dusting is that it’s not problematic if you’re treating it on a regular basis. Contact CleanPro today if you require a major one-time dusting job, and then we can continue to stop by with recurring visits so it never becomes a problem again.



You know that feeling where your ear pops and suddenly you feel like you can hear a thousand times better than before? That’s kind of what it’s like to get a professional window and mirror cleaning. It’s easy to forget how crystal-clear a window can look because it gets muddied over time with environmental wear-and-tear. But with the right equipment and trained professionals, you can get it looking so clear that you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

Likewise, for mirrors; mirrors are supposed to be a spot where you can see the best in yourself every day. Don’t look at a dirty reflection of yourself — you deserve better than that!

Mirrors and windows both benefit greatly from professional treatment, because it’s very easy to actually make them worse when you try to clean them yourself. If you use the wrong product or wipe it down the wrong way, you’ll just end up with smears that might ultimately just make it look worse. We can make glass and mirror cleaning part of our cleaning checklist every time we come over for home cleaning services.



Want to know how much dust, dirt, and nasty little things build up in your carpet? Actually, scratch that — you don’t really want to know, because the answer isn’t pretty.

Every homeowner has a vacuum hiding away in their closet somewhere, and you no doubt use it on a regular basis to keep your carpets clean. But there are a lot of things a household vacuum cleaner just can’t catch. At CleanPro, we have industrial quality vacuums that are designed for deep cleaning. You’ll notice a measurable difference with your floors after we’ve gone over them, and we even offer comprehensive carpet cleaning services if you want us to give full, undivided attention to your carpets.



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