Handyman services cover a large and diverse range of repairs and maintenance tasks, and CleanPro is proud to offer them to the people of Gloucester and the North Shore. If there’s a home maintenance issue that needs attention, we’ll be there to help, and you can bet we’ll have the tools, experience, and personnel to get the job done.

Because handyman services cover a wide variety of different jobs, we encourage you to ask us if there’s a task you need done that you don’t see on this page. The chances are overwhelmingly positive that we’ll be able to help! After all, we’re not just a handyman company — we offer a comprehensive list of cleaning and home maintenance services. Handyman work is just the tip of the iceberg!

We’ll be glad to help you with anything and everything in your home that needs cleaning, repair, or renovation. Contact us by phone, or use the form below to get a free estimate today!