Not only are mosquitoes and ticks pests, they also carry dangerous diseases. Rid your property of these nuisances with our mosquito and tick control plans. We’re here to help you enjoy your property without having to worry about getting attacked by these and other dangerous bugs. Our services will help protect you and your loved ones, enabling you to go outdoors and enjoy your yard without being chased away by mosquitoes. What’s more, your pets can run around your yard without picking up nasty little ticks. For a safer, better outdoor environment on your property, contact CleanPro today. We’ll be happy to provide a free estimate.

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    7 Ways to Avoid Ticks This Summer

    While the summer months are a wonderful, welcome relief from a Massachusetts winter, they come as a blessing and a curse — a blessing because of the lovely weather, and a curse from the infernal bugs that love to make our lives miserable. In Gloucester and the surrounding areas, you’re probably …Read More

  2. mosquito sucking on plant

    9 Fun Facts About Mosquitoes

    With summer fast approaching, you’re probably already starting to notice it — mosquitoes, as they always do, are coming out of the woodwork. While the problem starts off small during the spring, they will be swarming people’s homes in no time, especially in Massachusetts, being a coastal state…Read More

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    6 Ways to Deal With Mosquitos

    Spring is coming, and summer will be here before we know it. While, for many, this is rightfully a cause for celebration, it also has its own caveats, and the emergence of mosquitos is definitely one of them. Massachusetts has more than enough water to ensure that mosquitoes will always be an annoyi…Read More