1. Scrap metal iron junk garbage in a backyard

    5 Reasons to Invest In Junk Removal

    Nobody starts their day intending to accumulate junk. The funny thing about clutter is that it accumulates slowly, until one day you can no longer walk through a certain room or find what you need in your basement. At CleanPro, we understand that it’s significantly easier to accumulate unwanted it…Read More

  2. Cluttered room with junk in drawers and on the floor.

    Spring Cleaning? Declutter With Junk Removal

    It’s that time of year again when we feel the need to declutter and reorganize our homes. Over the winter (and a pandemic), it’s easy to accumulate things you no longer need — i.e., junk. However, junk isn’t always trash or items falling apart. “Junk” is simply anything you no longer wan…Read More