Your property needs to make a good impression, regardless of what type of business you run. It’s important that your grounds look tidy, neat, and inviting for the morale of your employees and for clients, customers, business associates, and colleagues to want to be there. If your grounds look unkempt, there’s a real good chance that you’ll lose some business, and no business owner wants that. Let CleanPro take care of your grounds through top-quality commercial landscaping services. We’ll get your property looking great to make the right impression on anyone who works there, shops there, or just stops by. Contact CleanPro today!

  1. Man does landscaping work with a rake

    Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Landscape Services

    Sometimes the summer can get away from you. You’re busy, travelling and planning for the future. The next thing you know, it’s August, and you’ve neglected your lawn care. CleanPro, LLC in Gloucester can help. We offer the best landscaping services in the North Shore area. We can revitalize yo…Read More

  2. beautiful commercial landscaping corridor

    Commercial Landscaping Tips and Tricks

    At Clean Pro, we do a lot more than just residential and commercial cleaning services — we’re a team of many talents, and one of our favorite services to perform is commercial landscaping. There’s nothing like working with the land to create an imaginative and beautiful environment, and we lov…Read More