Do yourself a favor and schedule a carpet cleaning session with CleanPro! We will scrub your carpets clean, removing ground-in dirt and grime that could be impacting your health and that of those around you. Our carpet cleaning teams will professionally clean your carpets and your upholstery for more sanitary living conditions for everyone in your home. Would you like a free estimate? Just get in touch with us. We serve Gloucester and the North Shore, and we’re ready to clean your carpets to perfection! We’ll also do spot treatments so you won’t have to look at ugly stains on your carpet any more. Contact us today.

  1. Vacuum and shoes on the floor during residential house cleaning

    How to Know When It’s Time to Call for Carpet Cleaning Services

    There’s one question that every homeowner will have to face over and over throughout the years: to call or not to call carpet cleaners? The benefits of calling a professional are obvious — there’s no doubt that your carpet will look much better when you call the pros rather than doing it yours…Read More

  2. Lazy pug resting on couch

    Pet Pee and Carpet Cleaning – Everything You Need to Know

    If there’s one thing that the human race collectively takes for granted, it’s probably the fact that most of us don’t impulsively pee on our carpets whenever we have the chance. Such a simple thing! But if you’ve ever owned pets, the thought has probably crossed your mind more than once. It…Read More