Constructing a new building is a long and arduous process that can take months or even years to complete. Surely, the last thing you want to do once your business is finally finished is taking a bunch of time to clean the mess up that was left by the construction. At CleanPro Inc., we specialize in quality post-construction cleanup services. If you hire us, we’ll have your new or renovated building clean and ready to go before you even know it.

We perform our job with incredible expertise while working at a rate that’s efficient and respectful of the money you spent on our service. Whether you’ve put up a new building or renovated an existing one, you can always count on CleanPro Inc., to handle the cleanup.

  1. Banner - The Long Checklist of Post-Construction Cleaning

    The Long Checklist of Post-Construction Cleaning

    Construction jobs can vary in size and scale, but there’s one aspect of it that’s almost universally common — construction crews don’t clean up the mess they leave behind. Instead, the industry standard is to leave the job to a professional cleaning company, allowing construction workers to …Read More

  2. The Importance Of Post-Construction Cleanup

    Have you just got done with a reconstruction project, renovation or other interior or exterior project that left you with a mess and potentially hazardous materials lying around without anyone to clean up? If you’ve just finished one of these projects and you’re left to worry whether you’ll be…Read More