Junk has a way of accumulating, doesn’t it? Whether it’s a pile of outdated electronics that stopped working long ago, an old, dilapidated sofa stored in your garage, or miscellaneous scrap pieces that are too big to fit in your trash bin, you want junk out of your house, but you don’t have a way to get it to the landfill. That’s where we come in. CleanPro will handle all of your junk removal needs in Gloucester and the North Shore. If you’re ready to get rid of it, contact us! Our professional team members can haul your junk away and free up space in your home or anywhere on your property. Get in touch with us today!

  1. How to Reduce Junk Buildup In Your Home

    When you think of all the items in your home that you use on a daily basis, the list probably isn’t that long. With the exception of large furniture and huge appliances, most people probably wouldn’t even be able to fill an SUV with the possessions that they use the most. Why, then, do most move…Read More

  2. Leaky Pipe Banner - 5 Myths About Junk Removal

    5 Myths About Junk Removal You Shouldn’t Buy Into

    We’re approaching that dreaded time of the year again — spring cleaning. That’s right, for many homeowners, the time is soon approaching that you’ll take a deep dive into your home’s cleanliness, attacking it from every angle. Spring cleaning is often a comprehensive process which inspects…Read More