Image of a woman scrubbing mold from a wall

Mold is damaging, unsightly, and can be a health hazard. Fortunately, mold restoration services by CleanPro allow Gloucester homeowners to stay safe and keep their homes mold-free. Keep reading to learn about our mold removal services from our experts in Gloucester.

Mold Removal in Gloucester

Any place with a constant water flow is a hotspot for mold development. Likewise, too much humidity in the house will sometimes condense and form mold. Ironically, it’s more likely for newer homes than older homes to experience mold because they are more tightly sealed.

For example, fiberglass creates an ideal environment for mold to grow, making it more difficult to remove. However, our mold removal experts are well versed in mold remediation, so regardless of the extent of mold in your house, you can count on us!

Image of a woman looking at a bunch of mold on her walls

Image of a professional mold removal expert in a hazmat suit with a moldy wall behind him

Our Mold Removal Services

For mold removal in Gloucester, we use professional techniques and cutting-edge technology that minimizes mold on your surfaces to a point where it’s a non-issue. Here is how we do it:

  • Identify and Isolate – We will identify areas of mold growth in your home and use barriers to quarantine it from spreading to other places. We go above and beyond to find every problem.
  • Remove the mold – We use EPA-approved products to cleanse every mold-infested item and surface extensively. Nothing is left untouched, and no mold is left behind!
  • Kill airborne spores – After taking care of the mold, we will purify the air to ensure that mold won’t just regrow after we leave.
  • Dispose of infected items – If you have had mold problems for long enough, there may be certain unsalvageable items. We will dispose of them, so your home remains free of mold.
  • Restore damaged areas – If the mold damages certain areas of your home, a damage restoration process is inevitable so that everything can be as good as new.

Is All Mold Toxic?

The Center for Disease Control assures us that while some molds are toxigenic, molds are not poisonous. Also, although mold can cause some rare health conditions, it rarely happens.

Still, this doesn’t mean that mold won’t cause health issues. People should have a clear understanding of mold risks and take appropriate measures if they encounter it in their home.

a professional in a suit and respirator spraying mold

a mold-damaged house with everything torn out of it and sitting on the front lawn

Don’t Be Scammed

Many so-called mold professionals use scare tactics to cause panic among homeowners. However, reputable mold removal establishments won’t use this approach. Sometimes it can be difficult to source accurate information. The best thing to do is to contact a trustworth, licensed professional to answer your questions and deal with your mold.

If you struggle with household mold in Gloucester or Essex, call CleanPro today for premium mold removal services. Our process will address the problem so you can keep your home mold-free for good. Contact us for a free estimate.