5 Common Causes of Mold Buildup In Your Home proclean gloucester

Mold is a pesky fungus that can be incredibly hard to get rid of. Since mold spores are everywhere in the air around us — so small that we can’t see them — they are opportunistic, meaning that wherever there is dampness, they will settle, grow, and thrive if not removed.

CleanPro offers the best mold remediation services in Gloucester and the surrounding areas, including Essex and the North Shore. Our expert team can remove mold in your home and dispose of it safely, ensuring it does not return. Below, we’ll take a look at five common causes of mold buildup in your home. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Leaking Pipes

Mold needs water to survive. Thus, a leaky pipe is a very common cause of mold growth in your home. Since most of your plumbing is hidden behind drywall, you might not even know you have a leaking pipe, which has spawned mold growth. Our mold remediation company recommends that you check underneath your sinks, around your hot water heaters, and be vigilant for wet drywall in order to ward off mold growth.

Leaking Roofs

A leaky roof is a big cause of mold growth in homes in Gloucester and the North Shore. Most leaks start out very small, so you wouldn’t notice a small leak in your roof right away. However, small leaks create the perfect environment for mold growth due to its constant renewal of moisture every time it rains. We recommend that you invest in an annual roofing inspection to pinpoint leaks, and give our mold removal company a call if mold is discovered right away.

Water Damage in Your Home

Standing water is a huge concern for homeowners. Not only is it unsanitary, but it can fuel mold growth. Burst pipes, a natural flood, or even a leaky toilet in the basement can cause water damage to your home that, if not properly cleaned, can fuel mold growth. ProClean can handle both your water damage restoration and your mold remediation service at the same time. Call to learn more today.


It’s a fact that mold loves humid regions, and Massachusetts is most definitely a humid state in the summer months. If you live near the ocean, it can be even worse. While there’s nothing you can do about the humidity, you can control mold growth. Our mold remediation company in Gloucester recommends that you make sure to invest in a dehumidifier for your home and ensure proper ventilation.

Dampness in Cracks, Crevices & Corners

Mold is sneaky, and because it is so small, it can settle anywhere and begin to grow. One common area we see mold growth in Gloucester homes is in out-of-the-way places where dampness is present, such as cracks in your basement, crevices in your storage area, and in unused corners. It’s prudent to check these areas on a regular basis to ensure no mold is growing.

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Mold is a home hazard that you most definitely need to be on the lookout for. Here in Gloucester, our weather lends itself perfectly to mold growth, so if water is present, mold can grow. Mold can be a serious health hazard and can exacerbate those with respiratory illnesses, such as asthma, or those with allergies.

ProClean is a mold remediation company that can help with mold removal from your home. We can clean up your home and restore damaged areas, so you can not only be safe, but you can also reclaim those areas for your use once again. If you suspect you may have mold in your Gloucester home, give our team a call for a free estimate today!