Types Of Mold

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Types Of Mold

Mold is a fungus that exists in tiny spores that are invisible to the naked eye. When the right conditions are present, mold spores take root and grow into mold. Mold needs moisture to grow and loves dark, damp places with a relatively warm outside temperature — perfect for heated homes with damp places. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can cause long-lasting health effects on people, such as respiratory conditions, headaches, congestion, and some even can cause cancer and other chronic conditions. Knowing the different types of mold can be useful to ensure you get rid of it if you spot it in your home.

CleanPro offers mold remediation services in Gloucester and the North Shore. Our mission is to ensure you have a safe and healthy environment to spend your time in. We also offer a whole host of services, including water damage restoration, to help stop the growth of mold. Below, we’ll review some of the different types of mold. Call us for a free estimate today!



This is a toxic mold that can be a variety of different colors, including pink, white, gray, or orange. This mold loves condensation systems, such as a humidifier, air conditioner condensers, drain pans, and more. This mold is a carcinogen and can be very dangerous to your health, interfering with brain function and other organs.


If you’ve had mold before or are familiar with it, this may have been the type. Alternaria is the most common mold that has a characteristic dark green or brown color that resembles small hairs. This mold loves showers, leaking sinks, and water damage. This mold can spread extremely quickly and take over your home. It causes respiratory conditions.


This mold is common in houses and offices here in Gloucester. It has a long, flask-like shape and can come in many different colors. It can cause allergy symptoms, lung infections, and inflammation. This mold is one that you should be on the lookout for on your walls and ceilings where moisture is present.


Stachybotrys is also known as black mold since it’s much easier to say than this name. This mold is either dark green or black and is very slimy. Also called “toxic mold,” stachybotrys has been linked to neurological problems in children and pulmonary bleeding in small infants. It causes severe health problems for adults as well, such as persistent coughs, headaches, and fatigue. This mold needs to be removed permanently from your home by a professional mold remediation company, such as CleanPro, as soon as possible.



The problem with mold beyond the ill health effects it can cause humans is that it is incredibly resilient and hard to remove completely. This is why it is always best to call for mold removal from your local mold remediation company. CleanPro has the knowledge and the tools to be able to locate and remove your mold permanently. Plus, if there is a water leak, we can find and repair that, too. Call our team for a free estimate today!



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We are very happy with the services provided by CleanPro Gloucester. Their technician cleaned our rental unit after the tenant moved out and the space looks brand new! They were extremely thorough and efficient. And working with the administrative office to schedule and provide payment was easy.

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