Cleaning the house is a timely chore that no one really enjoys doing, especially after a long work week or managing busy kids. These tips will help keep your home cleaner with fewer extensive cleaning days. Whenever you simply don’t have the time, resources, or energy to clean your home, CleanPro is here for any regular or deep cleaning services your home may need!

Five Incredible House Cleaning Tips

Clean With Good Lighting

Open all of your curtains and blinds, and clean early in the day. If the space you’re cleaning doesn’t have any windows, make sure to turn on all of the lights. Cleaning with good lighting helps you see dust and grime with more clarity. Try to be done cleaning in the early afternoon before you start losing sunlight. Whether your space needs decluttering or a deep clean, CleanPro offers expert house cleaning services in Gloucester and North Shore.

Don’t Put off the Bathroom

We know the bathroom is arguably the worst room in the house to clean. To avoid spending hours cleaning hard-to-scrub surfaces, don’t put off cleaning the bathroom. The bathroom is one of those areas that can appear cleaner than it really is due to all of the moisture in the space. The reality is, mold can start to grow without regular cleaning, and germs lie in places that may look clean. We can relieve your stress and anxiety about the dirty bathroom with regular cleanings or scheduled deep cleans. Don’t worry about scrubbing the toilet again – partner with CleanPro today!

Clean the Worst First

It’s normal to avoid cleaning the thing we dread the most, whether it’s the kitchen oven, ceiling fans, or the shower. However, it’s best to start with the worst things because you’re more likely to complete the task. If you knock out the worst thing first, the rest of the space will seem like a breeze, and your home will be noticeably cleaner because of it. Cleaning the hardest part last typically yields less clean results. Make your efforts matter, and first clean the thing you’d rather do last.

Clean the Kitchen Often

No matter how much time you spend, the kitchen never quite seems clean. This is why you should clean the kitchen after every use. Wipe down the counters you use as soon as possible. It’s easier to clean new kitchen messes than it is to clean old ones. We know how exhausting it can be to keep up with cleaning the kitchen. CleanPro is available to thoroughly clean every inch of your kitchen regularly to avoid larger messes later. We also provide comprehensive deep cleaning services if your kitchen needs a thorough treatment.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Start with basic tasks first. Don’t add too much to your plate too soon. Once you establish a good routine, you can start adding new areas and tasks. The best way to avoid becoming too stressed out is to let someone else handle this tedious chore for you. CleanPro provides extensive house cleaning services, including power washing services, to anyone in the Gloucester and North Shore areas. If you don’t have the time or resources to keep up with your home, let us make your life clean and easy. Contact us today to book your free estimate!