Banner - The Long Checklist of Post-Construction Cleaning

Construction jobs can vary in size and scale, but there’s one aspect of it that’s almost universally common — construction crews don’t clean up the mess they leave behind. Instead, the industry standard is to leave the job to a professional cleaning company, allowing construction workers to move on to jobs where their skills are more useful, and for the cleanup process to be comprehensive.

You might think that cleanup isn’t that hard of a job and that it should be customary as part of the construction process, but the reality is that post-construction cleanup can be a monumental task. As a post-construction cleaning company who has done this job on many commercial building sites in Gloucester, we know this better than anyone.

Some building owners — whether they’re homeowners cleaning up after a renovation, or building owners who had an entire office newly constructed — may feel tempted to handle post-construction cleanup on their own. We advise against this.

Want to know how extensive post-construction cleanup needs to be? Here’s a breakdown of all the tasks that need to be done.

The Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Mountains of Dust

Dust is annoying. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. And that’s not an understatement — dust really is ubiquitous on any construction site, whether its sawdust or drywall dust. Proper cleanup is easiest with the industrial equipment that professional cleaning services have access to. You might think you’re a master duster by how dust-free you keep your home, but trust us when we say that construction dust is truly on another level.

Cleaning Interior Glass

When you walk into a new building, the windows are usually crystal clear — but they didn’t come that way. Construction dirties up new glass windows immensely, but your local post-construction cleaning company such as CleanPro will make sure that they’re shiny and perfectly transparent.

Cleaning the Lights

Remember all that dust we talked about? It really does get *everywhere,* including the lights. Lights aren’t something that a lot of average joes remember to clean, but it’s an essential part of getting a building ready for use after construction. This is especially important for the sake of presentation. If you’re a commercial building owner who might be housing tenants or businesses, you don’t want the interior brightness to be dampened by dirty lights that you hadn’t thought to clean.

Cleaning and Dusting the Vents

If you’re moving into a brand new home, commercial building, or newly renovated room, you don’t want to get a bad start by having poor air quality right off the bat. Cleaning the vents is an essential part of getting a building ready for everyday use. This is a job that’s not fun or easy for the average person, but one in which CleanPro has extensive experience.

Spot Cleaning Walls

Construction can take a long time. It also involves heavy machinery, and a large number of human workers. It’s entirely possible for the walls to get scuffed, dirtied, or “stained” with dust. This is especially true in long-term construction jobs where certain particulates have time to settle into the drywall. This is why our team at Cleanpro spot cleans walls — you may not even notice the effect the construction had on them until you realize how much clearer they look after having been cleaned.

Cleaning Cabinets

This is yet another one of the many aspects of construction cleaning where “normal” dusting isn’t enough. Cabinets should be sanitary because they often contain food, dining supplies, or other cleaning materials. You’d be surprised at how many germs you leave in the open if you don’t give them a professional grade dusting and scrubbing treatment. When we provide post-construction cleanup, we scrub and clean the cabinets until we’re absolutely sure there’s no dust or particles — and then we do it again, just to be sure.

Vacuuming Carpets

So you’ve got a new building with carpets. Are you using a Dirt Devil stick vacuum, or an industrial shop vac? We can guarantee you these this could easily be the difference between a clean environment and allergy heaven. Your carpets will never be as clean as they are on the first day that you move into your newly constructed space, so you’re doing them a disservice if you don’t start them off perfectly clean.

Comprehensive Mopping

The same logic applies to your hard floors. Do you think your tenants will be impressed if they walk into a brand new building or renovated area, only to find that the hard floors don’t even look new? Dust is extremely easy to spot on hard floors, and it’s an obvious indicator that somebody didn’t have a close attention to detail when they were cleaning. We don’t want people to think that about you or us. We will make sure we conduct dust and damp mopping to all hard floors in the building.

Cleaning and Polishing Restroom Fixtures

Okay, cleaning bathrooms isn’t as unpleasant in a post-construction cleaning job, since the bathrooms typically haven’t really been used. But still — who wants to bend over and clean toilets? You probably don’t, but we will, because we want every building we clean to look, feel, and smell brand new. That’s why we not only clean the toilets and sinks, we also polish them to white, shiny perfection.

Cleaning Up Construction Debris

Most construction crews do a fairly good job at clearing out most of the major junk after a job, but it’s always possible that you may find construction debris, such as wood scraps, boards, or tool components which were missed when the construction company packed up shop. How would you like to walk through a newly constructed home, only to end up stepping on a nail that somehow went unnoticed? When we conduct post-construction cleanup jobs, we clean up all of the debris scraps you can see — and then we find and pick up all the debris you can’t see.

Cleaning the Ceiling

This is a cleaning job that most people don’t think to do, or they might not even be capable of doing it. While we might not be able to clean the ceiling of a 300-foot vaulted cathedral, we’re perfectly capable of handling the ceilings in most normal residential or commercial buildings. And this is important — if dust from the construction process settles into the ceiling, you may find it raining on you when you least expect it. That’s not the kind of surprise people want in a new home or renovated building.

Your Local Post-Construction Cleaners in Gloucester and the North Shore

Do you have a building that’s recently been built or renovated? Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial office space, we are well-equipped and highly experienced in the ways of post-construction cleanup. CleanPro, LLC will make sure everything on this list is accounted for.

We’ve been performing all kinds of cleaning jobs to the people of Massachusetts for years. We primarily serve the Gloucester and North Shore areas, but we’ll gladly see if we can make arrangements if you live somewhere in the surrounding regions. More than anything, we’re eager to provide our professional cleaning services at the highest level of quality possible. Contact us today to get started!