When you think of all the items in your home that you use on a daily basis, the list probably isn’t that long. With the exception of large furniture and huge appliances, most people probably wouldn’t even be able to fill an SUV with the possessions that they use the most.

Why, then, do most moves require the assistance of a massive moving truck? Why does it seem like there’s a neverending flow of junk in the home? Why does it feel like you’re drowning in useless things no matter how many of them you throw out? It’s a good question, and it’s one that many of our clients have asked themselves before calling us for junk removal services.

Well, the answer is different for everyone. Some people have trouble throwing out old stuff, others have an addiction to acquiring new stuff, and some folks struggle with both those things. As junk removal experts in the Gloucester and Essex areas, we’re here to help. Here are a few tips you can employ if you want to reduce junk buildup in your home:

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need on a Regular Basis

This is the one that the majority of people struggle with the most, and there’s so much to say about it that we could write another blog post entirely. But here’s the bottom line: you’ve gotta know when to throw things out. If you don’t, you’ll end up keeping every little small thing in your home until you’re one day drowning in junk and unaware of how you got there.

There are a lot of reasons why you might not throw out your things. Perhaps you have a sentimental connection (more on that later). Perhaps it’s just a lot of work and you procrastinate putting aside the time to do it. Maybe you haven’t even realized you have too much stuff until now. But whatever the reason is, it’s time to start getting rid of things.

The trick, of course, is knowing what to get rid of, and that brings us to our next point:

Create a Method to Determine What’s Worth Keeping

The personal value of any given item is completely subjective. Like they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. So, for obvious reasons, we can’t make a blanket statement on which items are worth keeping and which ones are worth throwing out. But, if you’re able to create a personal system that you can use to determine this yourself, you’re on the right track.

There are many philosophies on how to determine when to get rid of an item. Marie Kondo, a famous decluttering expert, has one method that has gained widespread popularity: asking yourself whether or not the item “sparks joy.” In other words, how do you feel when you handle the possession in question? Is it something you have a deep sentimental attachment to, something that you enjoy using every single time? That might be worth keeping. But if your feelings are lukewarm, maybe it’s time to consider moving on.

Another good question to ask is, “would I notice if this item suddenly disappeared?” If you really take a good luck at your stuff, you’ll likely find that you don’t use the majority of it on a regular basis. Chances are, you wouldn’t even notice if they were no longer in your home. This is a good refiner’s fire to determine which items you want to keep in your life!

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Stop Buying Stuff You Don’t Need

While failing to get rid of junk is a major reason for clutter in the home, it can also be because you’re just acquiring too much of it, too quickly. If you’re a compulsive spender, you might benefit from a thoughtful session where you sit down and examine all of the purchases you’ve made in the last couple months. Ask yourself — how many of these items have you gotten meaningful use out of? How many do you regret buying? How many did you forget about altogether?

By looking at your spending history and taking note of what actually added value to your life, it may be easier to identify purchases in the future that would only end up being a waste. This is beneficial for multiple reasons — you won’t only be opening space in your home, you’ll also save money!

Organize, Organize, Organize

In certain rare situations, somebody might be plagued with a junk problem, only to realize it was an illusion — if your storage solutions at home are cumbersome, it’s much easier for everything to feel cluttered.

One natural component of junk removal services is assisting with organization. While that’s not the main reason we provide our services, we have seen first-hand how organization can really make or break the clutter in someone’s home. If you feel like all your stuff is piling up, take a moment to ask yourself if the problem could be mitigated by better storage.

Let’s take books as an example. Imagine trying to store a small library of books without shelves. You’d probably line them against the wall, which would be well and good, until you need to stack. Then what? Stacking them on top of each other isn’t very structurally sound or efficient, but putting them on the floor would take up far too much space. The answer is, of course, a bookshelf, which allows books to be lined up cleanly and layered in such a way to where you can fit hundreds.

Take inventory of your possessions and ask yourself, is there a bookshelf equivalent? This could save you from all kinds of clutter.

Control Your Sentimentality

“Hoarding” is a term that’s used to describe someone who irrationally collects piles and piles of junk until it becomes an impossibly messy labyrinth of garbage in the home. While the causes for hoarding vary from person to person, one common cause of it is a sense of sentimentality for various items. If this is holding you back from getting rid of a lot of your stuff, it might be worth reconsidering how valuable those items really are.

For the record, there is a time and a place for sentimentality. Do you have a necklace that was passed down from your grandmother who fled her country in World War 2? That’s a pretty personal item with a meaningful history. Keep it! But those old speakers that your cousin apathetically gave you that you used once? You might be overstating how meaningful those really are.

We can’t tell you what is and isn’t important in your life. But if you have trouble with sentimentality, ask yourself if you could loosen up your standards a little. If you haven’t used the items for years, wouldn’t notice if they were gone, and you don’t feel any kind of joy in them, do you actually feel sentimental, or are you just making excuses to not get rid of stuff?

Call for Junk Removal Services

While most of the points on this list are predicated around avoiding junk buildup in your home, you may have already reached the point where you have too much. If that is the case, it’s time to get rid of it. The fastest and easiest way to facilitate junk removal is to call for professional services, and that is something that we’re proud to offer to Massachusetts homeowners over here at Clean Pro.

While residential and commercial cleaning is mainly what we’re known for, we offer a wide plethora of home-related services, and junk removal is one of them. And, from years of serving the people in Gloucester, Essex, Manchester, Boston, and other surrounding areas, you can bet we know our stuff.

When you call us for Junk Removal, you can count on a company that respects your needs. We will work with you personally to identify what you want to get rid of, and lay out an effective plan on how to do it. If you want our professional consultation on organizational matters or whether or not an item is worth keeping, we’ll give our opinion. If you’re firmly decided on what you want to get rid of, we won’t stick our nose in your business and try to convince you otherwise.

More than anything, we’re here to help. Have you been struggling with a buildup of junk in your home? Call CleanPro today, and be sure to read more about our junk removal services if you have any questions.