Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfectant Services for Your Business cleanpro gloucester

With the coronavirus still at the forefront of everyone’s minds, means to disinfect and stay safe have been prominent lately. From washing your hands to not touching your face, beyond the personal habits you can adopt, people are now looking for other ways to kill the virus and other germs and stop their spread.

CleanPro offers residential and commercial cleaning services throughout our service area of Gloucester, Essex, and the North Shore. We have recently added electrostatic spraying as part of our cleaning methods. When applied by highly-trained technicians like ours, electrostatic disinfectant can kill 99,99% of viruses and pathogens on surfaces. Below, we’ll review the benefits of electrostatic disinfectant services for your business. Connect with us today!


Disinfects All Surfaces

Electrostatic disinfection gets its name from the fact that you are using electrostatically-charged mist or fog that sprays and covers all surfaces. In the past and with traditional commercial cleaners, only about 75% of the surface would be covered, leaving you with 25% untouched that still harbored viruses and germs. This electrostatic cleaning gets the entire surface, protecting you completely.

Can Kill Nasty Viruses Such as COVID-19

Many over-the-counter and even commercial cleaners aren’t strong enough to kill viruses they come into contact with. However, electrostatic disinfectant is specially formulated to kill highly-contagious viruses, such as COVID-19, the flu, MRSA, HIV, and more, on contact. This is highly effective against the spread of these germs and helps to keep people safe. Electrostatic spray can be used for any business facility, including medical and healthcare offices, schools, universities, churches, commercial kitchens, industrial warehouses, and so much more.

Offers Peace of Mind

In the past year, many people have become worriers. After all, sitting around your home affords nothing else to do. That being said, COVID-19 and other illnesses have many people worried, so any step you can take as a business owner to quell their fears not only is reassuring to their souls, but also helps attract more customers. The effectiveness of electrostatic disinfectant services can give you, your employees, and your customers peace of mind when they enter your establishment.

Cuts Down On Sick Days

Since electrostatic cleaning is so effective against nasty viruses that can take us out for a few days or longer, when you choose to partner with a professional commercial cleaning company, such as CleanPro, you can ensure your office space is virtually free from nasty bugs. This will help keep your employees from catching them, so you’ll have fewer people out sick.

Quick Application Process

In business, time is money, and taking the time to disinfect your entire office or retail space can be cumbersome. Some businesses have chosen to use their employees to disinfect, which can be costly as you pay them more to stay after hours. Instead, you can save money and time with electrostatic disinfectant services. Our commercial cleaning company can schedule around what works best for your business, so there is a minimal amount of disruption time. Plus, when you use a spray method for disinfecting, you can save up to half the time it normally would take to perform by hand.


CleanPro has been happily serving the people and businesses of Gloucester and the North Shore with professional residential and commercial cleaning services that get the job done. We are super excited to be adding electrostatic disinfectant spray to our line of services to keep your employees and customers safe and to make a bigger impact in your world. Call for a free estimate today!