How To Know When It’s Time To Call For Carpet Cleaning Services

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How To Know When It’s Time To Call For Carpet Cleaning Services

There’s one question that every homeowner will have to face over and over throughout the years: to call or not to call carpet cleaners?

The benefits of calling a professional are obvious — there’s no doubt that your carpet will look much better when you call the pros rather than doing it yourself. Of course, it’s not that easy; price is definitely a factor, and you can’t just call professional carpet cleaners for every tiny thing.

So, it’s important to know where the line is. What kind of carpet messes call for DIY work, and at what point does it become bad enough to call a professional team such as CleanPro? We’re here to help answer those questions. Let’s look at some situations where it’s prudent to call on carpet cleaning pros instead of doing the work yourself.




First off, it’s important to note that your carpet should have regular professional treatments at least once a quarter if you have pets. The reason for this is that their hair and dander can embed itself into your carpets pretty well, even despite your best vacuuming efforts. However, that kind of falls under routine maintenance. There are specific pet problems that may demand more immediate treatment, and one of those is a pee-happy pet.

For the record, we’re mostly talking about dogs. Cat urine is far worse than dog urine, but luckily, most cats are naturally inclined to use their litter boxes. If they’re frequently peeing on the floor, it’s probably because their litter box situation has been disrupted somehow, and it’s usually a relatively easy fix.

Dogs, on the other hand, can become serial carpet urinators if they’re not trained. For whatever reason, they always insist on peeing on the carpet instead of the hard floor, and what’s even worse is that when their scent has gotten deep into the carpet, they want to pee there over and over again. So calling a professional carpet cleaner isn’t just a matter of cleaning up pee, it comes down to destroying the scent entirely, which requires special products. Ideally, you should train your dog to overcome their carpet peeing habits, and then have your carpets extensively cleaned so their scent no longer remains.


Everyone has different allergies, but it’s not uncommon for people to have a sensitivity to dust. Allergies tend to act up in the summer and spring seasons, and if there’s someone in your home who’s constantly showing symptoms, there are probably things you can do to mitigate the problem. Allergies can be caused by poor air quality, but they can also come from an unclean carpet.

The proliferation of dust in a home is unavoidable, but most people curb its effects by regularly dusting things and preventing buildup. However, dust has a way of binding to carpet fibers, and if you go a long time without cleaning your carpet, it will stack up. Once enough dust has settled in, it can easily be shuffled back into the air when people walk on the carpet.

You can avoid dust buildup pretty well by regular vacuuming, but at a certain point, a professional treatment becomes necessary. If someone is regularly sneezing and showing allergy symptoms, you’re probably overdue — time to call CleanPro!


There are two reasons why you might call the pros for carpet cleaning — as a means of routine cleaning, or emergency damage control for a particularly nasty accident. Pet pee, mentioned above, is one of those things, but that’s kind of something that builds up over time. Sometimes, there’s a singular spill that’s just so nasty and overwhelmingly difficult to clean that you have no choice but to call the experts.

There are too many things that could potentially cause a “disaster spill,” so we won’t go over them. But it’s usually worst when an extremely strong substance spills onto a light-colored carpet. The contrast can be so strong that it’s nearly impossible to remove through DIY means. We’re talking a large container of bright red Kool-Aid spilling onto your pearly white carpet, or somebody accidentally cutting themselves and bleeding onto the carpet.

Whether it’s food, drink, or some kind of unpleasant bodily fluid, carpets can take a beating from an unexpected spill. If you have major doubts about being able to get it out yourself, we can assure you that we have state-of-the-art equipment that will be far better than any DIY solution. Sometimes stains are too formidable for even us to remove completely — but by calling the pros, we give you the best chance.


Sometimes, there’s not one specific thing that calls for professional treatment, and that’s what we were talking about when we mentioned routine cleaning. Carpet cleaning isn’t only useful for combating individual disasters; it’s also good to do every once in a while just to maintain cleanliness. Even if you’re consistently vacuuming and washing your carpet, there’s only so much that you can do. Inevitably, materials and near-microscopic debris will buildup to the point where professional treatment becomes necessary.

We recommend a professional treatment once every quarter or so, but even doing it just twice a year will keep your carpet in much better condition than if you didn’t do it at all. If it’s been a while since you called on professional carpet cleaners, go ahead and give it a shot! You may be surprised to see how much of an improvement there is.


Looking to impress? Cleaning your carpet before an event is a great idea. Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, holding a wedding reception, trying to flatter your not-so-easily-impressed parents, or planning a hot date, there are plenty of reasons why you might want your place to look especially pristine.

Even if you take good care of your carpets, it’s pretty common for them to look significantly cleaner after professional treatment. A well-maintained white carpet will look whiter, no matter how well the homeowner takes care of it.

Professional carpet cleaning can be as much of a preventative job as much as it is a reactionary one. By cleaning it up before major events, you’ll ensure that your home makes a better impression on people.


Anyone who has kids knows that they’re basically walking messes. They leave a wake of destruction everywhere they go, and even though we love the heck out of ‘em, they definitely don’t leave you lacking for housework.

If you’ve got kids, they’ve probably spread all kinds of junk into your carpets. This may lead to a buildup of light stains and discoloration over time, but it might not even be visible. Nonetheless, when there are little tykes at home, it’s pretty much inevitable that they’re dirtying up the carpet. Dirt from outside, sweat, food, drink, all of these things find themselves in your carpet much easier when kids are around. And due to their lack of diligence in the personal hygiene department, your carpet may be harboring a lot more unseen nasties than you think.

Whether or not the damage from children is visible, it’s prudent to call for professional carpet cleaning every once in a while just to be sure that nothing unpleasant is building up. Yeah, you’ll just have to do it again later, but that’s better than not doing it at all.



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