Tragically, we’re in that time of the year where much of the country’s forests are ablaze. Fires are always a threat in the hot summer months, especially if you’re living near forested areas. However, even if you’re not in the path of a potential wildfire, that doesn’t mean that an unexpected fire couldn’t happen for other reasons.

When a fire finds its way inside of a building, the effects are much more insidious and long-lasting than you might think. Most people are just concerned about whether or not the building or their property was burned. But a building with only minor burning is still dangerous to live in. Here are some reasons why smoke and fire damage are dangerous for your health:

How Fire and Smoke Damage Affects You

It Doesn’t Play Well With Your Lungs

It is extremely well-documented that smoking is absolutely detrimental for your lungs and respiratory system. However, you don’t need to be lighting cigarettes every day to be subject to its damage. Smoke has a nasty habit of embedding itself into the walls, furniture, fabric, and clothing of any home. It won’t have as strong an effect as if you were breathing it in directly, but it’s there nonetheless.

The problem is soot. Soot is made up of fine black carbon particles that are a result of incomplete combustion. It’s primarily what smoke is made of, which gives it its dark, wispy appearance. Even though smoke appears to dissipate in the air, the soot is, in fact, making its way into the environment that surrounds it. That same soot can get into the air you breathe even when you think the smoke is long gone, causing repercussion.

It has been studied that children who live in homes with a smoker suffer the effects of secondhand smoke, and it will be no different to you if you don’t get professional fire and smoke remediation for your living space.

Soot Irritates the Skin

If you’re a fan of nice, soft, baby-smooth skin, then you should stay far away from a building that has untreated fire and smoke damage. Soot, over time, can be a major skin irritant that severely dries out your skin. The effect can be so powerful that moisturizing agents such as lotion and cream are powerless to solve the problem. In severe cases, smoke can actually lead to a hospital visit as the skin becomes increasingly incapable of resolving the issue.



It’s easy to assume that smoke wouldn’t be an issue for your skin since it’s relatively easy to wash smoke and soot out of your laundry just by washing them in your machine. Unfortunately, skin is much different than fabric, and even extensive showering and moisturizing won’t help if you’re taking in smoke all day.

It Hurts Your Eyes

There’s a reason why people are always trying to move away from the smoke when they’re sitting at a campfire. Aside from the obvious risks it poses for your breathing, smoke also has a way of getting into your eyes and irritating them beyond belief. It’s not uncommon to see red, bloodshot eyes on someone who has been around smoke for a while, and aside from just looking unpleasant, long-term smoke exposure can damage your eyes in the long run.

Like the other points on this list, this is mainly the result of living in a space for a long-term period that has untreated fire and smoke damage.

What Can You Do?

If your living space has been affected by fire and flame, it’s important to call local cleaning services as soon as possible for fire and smoke damage restoration. Even if the fire was minor, it might leave behind long-term effects that are eating away at your health.

How Your Local Cleaning Company Can Help

At CleanPro, LLC, we’ve handled many fire and smoke restoration jobs, and in times of urgency, we even have an emergency response team that can swoop in to take care of things as soon as possible.

The important thing to know is that soot, as ubiquitous as it is, can come out through proper cleaning methods. It’s easy to test this — if you spend time around smokers or sit around a campfire for a while, your clothes will likely absorb some of the soot and smoke, and they will retain it until being put in the wash. Being washed and dried usually takes care of the problem, and it’s no different than the smoke in your home. Enough proper cleaning can take care of the issue.



The problem is that it’s much harder to comprehensively clean your whole building and all its furniture than it is to throw some laundry into a machine, and many people struggle to do what needs to be done.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Gloucester

At CleanPro, LLC., We make sure to thoroughly wash and clean every single inch of your home, and we also have an extensive knowledge of where fire and smoke damage usually accumulates, and how it would affect your furniture.

If you’re in or around the Gloucester and North Shores area, we encourage you to call us today for commercial and residential cleaning services. Whether you need fire and smoke damage remediation, or any other cleaning job under the sun, we’ll be happy to help. Ready to get started? Contact us today!