5 Signs Your Indoor Air Quality Is Deteriorating

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5 Signs Your Indoor Air Quality Is Deteriorating

Air is pretty cool. We’re especially fans of the oxygen kind. You know, the air that we breathe every second of our entire lives, which quite literally keeps us alive. For how well of a job clean air does at preventing us from dying every single day, it’s actually pretty underrated. The stuff that we breathe moves through our bodies more than anything we’ll ever eat or drink, and that’s why it’s kind of a shame that so many people in the world are suffering from poor indoor air quality without even knowing it.

That’s right, we’re talking to you. Did you know that there’s a very real possibility you could be breathing in suboptimal air every day that you’re at home? Indoor air quality can be tainted by many things, and some of them are tragically common in residential homes and commercial buildings.

Luckily, as people who are pretty adamant about how awesome air is, we’re committed to keeping it clean, and that’s why we’re familiar with all the telltale signs that your indoor air quality might be compromised. While we offer many solutions, they aren’t worth much if you don’t know you have a problem. Here are some signs that your indoor air quality might need some improvement.


Seasonal allergies are far from uncommon, and if you’re someone who suffers from them, you’re probably all-too-familiar with the slow buildup of dread that comes when the warmer seasons arrive. On one hand, it’s always a major relief to come out of the freezing winter months, but on the other, you know you’ll be plagued with allergies. Gross.

The thing is, most people with seasonal allergies just accept that it’s an an unavoidable inevitably. To a certain extent, they’re not wrong; if you go outside even a little bit, you’ll probably be exposed to pollen and whatnot at some point. But instead of considering that their air quality might be an issue, they just tell themselves it’s because of summer allergies.

What if we told you it was both? Yeah, pollen and dust can cause allergies, but they will cause them more if they’re caught up in your HVAC system. And that’s what tends to happen. So yes, even though increased allergies are a natural result of the changing seasons, the problem is made actively worse by that stuff getting entangled into your indoor air. As it turns out, this is a problem that can be fixed!


Since this is one of the most obvious symptoms of poor air quality, we’re listing it on the tail end of our list. In a nutshell, if you start smelling something funky in your home which you can’t quite place, well, it’s probably not good news, and it probably is worsening your indoor air quality.

All manner of nasty things can cause an odor through your home. It might be pests. It might be some kind of leaked chemical. It might be mold. Whatever it is, it probably ain’t good. This is especially true with mold, which can actually be a significant health hazard if it gets bad enough.

We’re not going to sit here and talk about every feasible odor under the sun. What we will tell you is that you shouldn’t just wait around or write it off if something starts smelling funky in your home. Air doesn’t just start smelling for no reason, after all. A team of mold remediation experts such as our CleanPro crew can help.



There are so many factors that could lead to you getting sick, so we’re not going to imply that your indoor air quality is slowly killing you just because you got a cold. But, on the other hand, it might not be a bad idea to investigate. Air quality can easily be a contributing factor to sickness, and in worse cases, it might actually be deteriorating your health if it’s something more serious such as asbestos.

The bottom line is that you should be congnizant of your situation when you start experiencing health problems. More likely than not, there’s something you can change to prevent it from happening. Sure, sometimes you get sick because you stay up until 3AM every night and compromise your immune system by surviving on a crappy diet of microwave food. But sometimes, there’s actually something at home that could be a major contributing factor.


It’s pretty easy to say “if you see mold on your wall, you probably have mold.” We know you don’t exactly need Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out, but it’s important to remember that mold isn’t always easy to see — and you may only end up finding it if you’re on the lookout for it.

Mold can pop up in virtually any area of your home. All it takes is some moisture-rich air to thrive in your home for a while, and eventually, the mold spores will find their way onto your walls. However, it’s not always in a spot that you’re looking at all the time. It may start popping up in an obscure corner where one of your windows meets the wall. It might start collecting behind your couch. Mold isn’t always obvious, so keep an eye out for any discoloration or spotting in your home.

The same can be said for dust. Most commonplace dust isn’t as problematic as mold, but it can still cause copious amounts of sneezing and irritation if it builds up too much. Is there that one spot of your home that’s getting dusty, but you haven’t done anything about it because it’s not easily accessible? Clean it anyway! Even if no one can see it, it’s contributing to the problem.


Your HVAC plays a major role in the air quality of your home, and if it’s busted or ill-maintained, you can bet you’ll feel the effects of it. There are multiple reasons why an HVAC system could be making your indoor air worse.

First off, there’s the question of circulation. HVAC systems keep your air healthy because they constantly circulate the air in and out of the home. If the system starts working at reduced capacity (due to a broken component, etc), it may struggle to reach all the rooms in your home, and you’ll end up in an imbalance where some rooms have stagnant air which has built up dust and pollutants. This can also be caused by problems in your vents, such blockages.

But HVAC systems also filter all incoming air. It all passes through an air filter, which needs to be replaced at least once every few months. Some homeowners go years without replacing their air filter, and at that point, it becomes effectively useless; it’ll be so clogged up with dirt and gunk that you can bet some of it will break through and reach your indoor air.


If your indoor air quality is suffering, you can bet that you are too — even if you haven’t noticed yet. That’s why it’s prudent to call the professionals to service your air vents and perform mold remediation if necessary. These are just two of the many services we offer at Clean Pro.

While we are headquartered in Gloucester, we’re happy to serve anyone in the nearby regions, whether you’re in Essex or other areas of Greater Boston. Poor air quality isn’t a local problem — it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. That’s why we encourage you to contact us today. If you suspect that you have poor air quality in your home or commercial building, there’s no time to lose! We’ll come to your aid as soon as possible.



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