Pile of Junk

If your unwanted things are starting to take over your home or business, it may be time to call Clean Pro about junk removal. If you need junk removal in Gloucester, there’s no one better to get in touch with than Clean Pro. We offer a simple, straightforward junk removal process so you can get your space back and stop worrying about clutter. In today’s post, we will go over our junk removal process. Read on to learn more and get a free estimate today!

Cluttered Space

When you need junk removal services, there’s no one better to depend on than Clean Pro. We offer convenient and simple junk removal services to the good people of Gloucester. We understand that junk happens. Sometimes, you need some help removing the things cluttering up your space. In today’s post, we will go over some of the things we can remove with our junk removal services. Read on to learn more and book a free estimate today!

Beautiful Landscape

Clean Pro is proud to offer the best landscaping in Gloucester. Commercial landscaping is a specialty of ours. For years, we have served the people of Gloucester with professionalism and care. Our mission is your satisfaction —always. In today’s post, we will go over some of the top reasons you should trust Clean Pro with your commercial landscaping needs. Read on to learn more and book a free estimate today!

Man Power Washing Deck

When you need power washing services in Gloucester, Clean Pro is there. We offer the best commercial and residential power washing in Gloucester. We work hard to ensure our clients are satisfied with our power washing services. Why should you trust us with your power washing needs? Read on to learn more and get a free estimate today!

mosquito and tick spraying

If you're looking for a mosquito and tick spraying company that takes your safety and comfort seriously, look no further than CleanPro. We use only all-natural mosquito and tick treatment products that are safe for both your family and your property. In this article, we will be discussing our mosquito and tick spraying process in detail. Keep reading to learn more and contact us today for the best mosquito and tick spraying in Gloucester!

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Are you struggling with mosquitos and ticks and are looking for an exterminator in Gloucester or the North Shore? At CleanPro, we know that pests like mosquitoes and ticks can be a real nuisance, not to mention a health hazard. That's why it's important to find a company that provides the best mosquito and tick spraying services. In this blog post, we'll discuss four reasons how mosquito and tick spraying can help your family (and pets) stay safe and healthy. Keep reading to learn more and book a free estimate today with CleanPro!

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Power washing with pressurized water can remove a variety of unwanted substances from surfaces without harming the surface. At CleanPro, LLC., we have the tools and skills to do the job right so your property looks great! Continue reading to learn more about what you can hire our professional power washing services to treat.

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If you're looking to transform your business property, give it the makeover it deserves, and create a great first impression, CleanPros, LLC is for you. Our experienced landscapers provide high-quality general lawn care services that are easy, effective, and fast. Continue reading to learn more about how we provide the best commercial landscaping Gloucester businesses can ask for!

Woman cleaning a desktop computer screen

At CleanPro, LLC our emergency cleaning service will ease your worries. We know that when it comes to time crunches in Gloucester, you need reliable services. That’s why we’re here with top-tier professional cleaning services. Continue reading to learn more about how we can help your business, your home, or your rental property.

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If you believe there are signs of mold in your Gloucester property, it is important to have an expert look at them to determine if they are toxic or not. At CleanPro, LLC we provide homes and businesses with clean spaces for optimal living and working conditions. Continue reading to learn how this mold removal process works!

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When people start seeing signs of mold in their home, they tend to become concerned and worried about the long-term effects it will have on them and their families if left untreated. At CleanPro, LLC, we want to provide you with all of the information you need to know about mold remediation and how it pertains to your home. Continue reading to learn more!

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CleanPro, LLC is a professional cleaning service company in Gloucester, MA. What makes us different from our emergency cleaning competitors across Massachusetts? Continue reading to find out!


Mold is one of the worst possible nuisances not only to a house, but also to the residents. It is detrimental both to your residence and your health. Mold thrives in moist and cold environments. The only way to contain mold spread is to reduce moisture. Over at Clean Pro we offer the mold removal services you need. Call us today for a free estimate!


Emergencies are mercilessly unpredictable. Whether they are caused by natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, or accidental house fires, emergencies are terrifying to deal with. If you’ve been an unfortunate victim of one, damages to the essentials of a building like the plumbing system, must be addressed as soon as possible. At Clean Pro Inc., we want to extend a helping hand to those who need assistance with recovering from such unpredictable calamities. Here are 5 reasons you should opt for Clean Pro Inc. for fire damage restoration in Gloucester.


Water, while it is a prime necessity for sustenance, can cause devastating disasters in the guise of an emergency. The consequences of water damage, such as rot, mold, or mildew, can be catastrophic not only for your house, but also for your health. However, these effects can be countered or even nullified, but only if you act quickly. Professionals that do water damage restoration jobs for a living are your best bet. If you’re situated in Gloucester, call us at Clean Pro now to get the 24/7 restoration services you need.


House fires can be devastating at any instance they happen. If you are in such a situation, it’s crucial to be aware of the needed steps to preserve what was spared. The most important step to take is clean-up and restoration, and it should be handled by a professional like CleanPro Inc.


The main reason why professional water damage cleanup is necessary is because it can cause extensive damage when it intrudes on home building materials such as wood, carpet, and other like materials. It can cause decay and damage, which can be harmful to your health and costly to replace.

CleanPro Inc is your to-go-to company for all professional water damage cleanups. We fix your damage quickly, and work to prevent future water leaks from happening.


Mold is damaging, unsightly, and can be a health hazard. Fortunately, mold restoration services by CleanPro allow Gloucester homeowners to stay safe and keep their homes mold-free. Keep reading to learn about our mold removal services from our experts in Gloucester.


With the weather getting warmer, it’s finally time to get started on the long-overdue home projects that you couldn’t do during the winter months. Spring and summer are the ideal times to have fun, invite friends and family over, or maybe even move into a new place — but to do all that, your house needs to be free of junk. CleanPro, based out of Gloucester, is sharing some advice on how to pick a junk removal company while also keeping your property and loved ones safe.


Though it may appear to be a simple task for homeowners, pressure washing is more complicated than it seems. You may believe that hiring power washing contractors is a waste of time because you can buy the necessary equipment and perform the task yourself. Pressure washing professionals will almost always better understand how to use the four elements involved with this cleaning heat, pressure, cleaning solutions, and water flow rate to get the job done correctly. If this isn’t enough to persuade you, consider the following benefits of hiring a professional washing service rather than doing it yourself. Contact CleanPro in Gloucester and the North Shore when you’re ready to get started!


Water damage is one of the most common and severe emergencies that can occur on your property. A water problem is upsetting and dangerous to the safety and value of your property, whether a storm causes it, flood, weakened roof, HVAC leak, busted pipes, overflowing appliances, or sewage backup. Therefore, it is critical to respond to your emergency as soon as possible to prevent further property damage and implement effective solutions. Contact CleanPro in Gloucester and the North Shore if you need fast and affordable water damage cleanup!


Nobody starts their day intending to accumulate junk.

The funny thing about clutter is that it accumulates slowly, until one day you can no longer walk through a certain room or find what you need in your basement.

At CleanPro, we understand that it’s significantly easier to accumulate unwanted items than it is to get rid of them. Below, we’ll discuss five great reasons to invest in junk removal through our Gloucester professionals. Give us a call or contact us online when you’re ready to let our friendly and helpful team declutter your home!


It’s that time of year again when we feel the need to declutter and reorganize our homes. Over the winter (and a pandemic), it’s easy to accumulate things you no longer need — i.e., junk. However, junk isn’t always trash or items falling apart. “Junk” is simply anything you no longer want. The truth is, junk piles can accumulate all over your home, whether you’re a “hoarder” or not. It’s common for us to place items we don’t want or need at the moment in a place that is out of the way. Places like walk-in closets, garages, basements, and spare bedrooms. Eventually, our minds look at this clutter and slightly panic. If you’re in this position, but don’t know how to go about decluttering, CleanPro can help you with our junk removal services.

Yes, you can handle junk removal on your own. If it were that simple, though, there wouldn’t be professional services for this type of thing. Hiring us to handle your junk removal will save you precious time and relieve some of your stress. It’s been proven that clutter has a direct...


CleanPro aims to be your go-to provider for an extensive variety of cleaning services in Gloucester and the North Shore. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at a few more reasons as to why you should power wash your home or business today. Read on to learn more!


CleanPro is here to provide you with the best professional junk removal services. Whether you’re looking to clear out your home, business, storage space, or otherwise, we are here to best serve the needs of Gloucester and the North Shore. To learn more, contact us today!

In this blog post, we’ll look at a few examples of how junk removal can save you money. Read on to learn more!


Cleaning the house is a timely chore that no one really enjoys doing, especially after a long work week or managing busy kids. These tips will help keep your home cleaner with fewer extensive cleaning days. Whenever you simply don’t have the time, resources, or energy to clean your home, CleanPro is here for any regular or deep cleaning services your home may need!


The benefits of power washing services are plentiful. Power washing should become an essential addition to your spring cleaning routine. However, power washing can be dangerous and is hard to manage properly on your own without prior experience handling the equipment and chemicals. That’s why you should consider hiring CleanPro for your power washing services this spring. Our years of experience and talented cleaning professionals are able to carefully remove the dirt and grime from your residential or commercial property.


Mold is an insidious problem that, in many cases, is difficult to detect until it’s spread throughout your home. The ideal conditions for mold growth are often created by water damage that goes unnoticed unless you’re actively looking for it. Below, we’ll discuss five easy ways to lower the risk of water damage in your home, which in turn reduces your risk of developing mold.

If you do find yourself needing fast and affordable restoration services, don’t spend your time researching local mold remediation companies — call CleanPro, the preferred cleaning service provider in Gloucester and the North Shore.


Although COVID-19 cases are declining in many parts of the United States and more people are being vaccinated against the virus every day, we need to be vigilant in order to keep the virus from spreading in our community.

At CleanPro, we don’t just provide commercial cleaning services in Gloucester and the North Shore — we’re here to help you and your employees stay safe, too. In this post, we’re going to discuss five ways investing in electrostatic disinfectant treatment services as part of your COVID-19 mitigation strategy could end up paying you back.

As you’ll read in more detail below, investing in regular electrostatic disinfection spray services is a great way to eliminate up to 99.9% of viruses in a room in minutes. Contact the CleanPro team to request a free estimate, and read on to learn more about how this...


Electrostatic disinfecting spray is a powerful method of keeping your home and offices free from harmful pathogens, such as COVID-19, the common flu, and other nasty viruses that can make you sick. With a 99.99% success rate against eliminating these viruses, many people are requesting this new cleaning service.

CleanPro has years of experience offering many different solutions for your household or business needs, such as handyman services, mold remediation, landscaping, and now electrostatic disinfection services. Serving Gloucester and the entire North Shore, our team of highly-trained technicians can have your space disinfected in no time. Below, we’ll go over some common mistakes made with this super powerful cleaning process, and we invite you to contact our cleaning company for a free estimate today!


With the coronavirus still at the forefront of everyone’s minds, means to disinfect and stay safe have been prominent lately. From washing your hands to not touching your face, beyond the personal habits you can adopt, people are now looking for other ways to kill the virus and other germs and stop their spread.

CleanPro offers residential and commercial cleaning services throughout our service area of Gloucester, Essex, and the North Shore. We have recently added electrostatic spraying as part of our cleaning methods. When applied by highly-trained technicians like ours, electrostatic disinfectant can kill 99,99% of viruses and pathogens on surfaces. Below, we’ll review the benefits of electrostatic disinfectant services for your business. Connect with us today!


Dirty carpets are unsightly. They can give you a creepy-crawly effect if they are really dirty. There’s a good reason that you feel that way: carpets can harbor not only dirt, but also germs, pollutants, and contaminants that can be harmful to your health. You probably subconsciously realize that when you see carpets that are way overdue for a cleaning.

CleanPro offers the best carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Gloucester and the North Shore. Our expert carpet cleaning technicians understand how to clean carpets quickly and thoroughly so you can sit on them again and not be grossed out. Below, we’ll go over a few of the health hazards associated with carpets in your business. Contact us for a free estimate today!


Anywhere your feet land, you drop tiny particles of dirt, rock, sand, allergens, and other pollutants that you pick up from the ground where you walk. These tiny particles then collect in your carpet that, over time, cause it to be dirty, discolored, and even stained. Luckily, professional carpet cleaners can reverse this inevitable process and leave your business’s carpets looking like new.

CleanPro offers the best commercial carpet cleaning services in Gloucester and the North Shore. Our professional carpet cleaners are highly trained and love leaving you with a fresh carpet you can love again. Below, we’ll go over five reasons why you should invest in professional carpet cleaning services for your business. Contact us to get started today!


Mold is a fungus that exists in tiny spores that are invisible to the naked eye. When the right conditions are present, mold spores take root and grow into mold. Mold needs moisture to grow and loves dark, damp places with a relatively warm outside temperature — perfect for heated homes with damp places. Not only is mold unsightly, but it can cause long-lasting health effects on people, such as respiratory conditions, headaches, congestion, and some even can cause cancer and other chronic conditions. Knowing the different types of mold can be useful to ensure you get rid of it if you spot it in your home.

CleanPro offers mold remediation services in Gloucester and the North Shore. Our mission is to ensure you have a safe and healthy environment to spend your time in. We also offer a whole host of services, including water damage restoration, to help stop the growth of mold. Below, we’ll review some of the different types of mold. Call us for a free estimate today!


Mold is a pesky fungus that can be incredibly hard to get rid of. Since mold spores are everywhere in the air around us — so small that we can’t see them — they are opportunistic, meaning that wherever there is dampness, they will settle, grow, and thrive if not removed.

CleanPro offers the best mold remediation services in Gloucester and the surrounding areas, including Essex and the North Shore. Our expert team can remove mold in your home and dispose of it safely, ensuring it does not return. Below, we’ll take a look at five common causes of mold buildup in your home. Contact us for a free estimate today!


While we wouldn’t blame you even just a month ago for not knowing what COVID-19 is, you’d have to have your head buried in the sand to be ignorant of it now. COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has been sweeping through the public consciousness with an unprecedented fury. Classified as a global pandemic, many states and countries are effectively shutting down to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID-19 has spread to all 50 states in the US, Massachusetts included, so it’s important for all of us to do our part in preventing the spread of the virus.

As a professional residential and commercial cleaning company, we fortunately know a whole lot about sanitization. And while we’re not medical experts, we do know how to keep a home clean. If we want to stop COVID-19 from reaching massive levels of infection across the US, we all need to contribute. Are you stuck at home, or otherwise in isolation or quarantine? You can still help. By simply keeping your home (and yourself) clean, you could potentially prevent Coronavirus from spreading to your household.

Here are some...


Mold on fruit. Mold on bread. Mold and mildew smells emanating from your children’s uncleaned lunchboxes. If you’re like most people, then all three of these sentences make you squeamish. Although mold is a completely natural occurrence, and can even help to break down organic material and promote healthy natural spaces, humans have developed a strong sense of anxiety and caution about it, and for good reasons.

Some mold spores are relatively harmless, even though they smell and taste terrible, while others can be extremely dangerous, leading to serious medical risks. Mold can destroy your home and lungs if not addressed properly, and people have known this for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

That’s why when you discover mold, or even water damage, in your home or business, you don’t want to fool around and waste time dealing with it yourself. You need a professional mold remediation team that can identify the root of the problem, evaluate the extent of the damage, and provide an effective solution for removing...


A fire at your Gloucester or North Shore home or business is a tragedy, no matter what. However, it’s also a time when we hear from our clients that they find themselves grateful for everything they have — their spouse, their children, their health, and the support of the community.

At CleanPro LLC, we help families and businesses just like you recover and return to their property quickly and safely with elite-level fire and smoke damage restoration services, so they can get back to the normal business of everyday life and begin to put the memory, tragedy, and loss of the fire behind them.

One of the most challenging aspects of restoring your property to its pre-fire state is addressing the smoke and carbon particles that create the terrible and lasting smell of smoke. It’s not an easy task, and if not done properly, it’s a constant reminder of a day you are trying to put behind you.

To get help with fire and smoke damage restoration in your home,...


Depending on where you are from, when you think of water, much different initial thoughts may come to mind. If you grew up in the desert, you might think of a cool, refreshing glass of ice-cold water. If you’re from the North Shore area, you probably think of the beach. If you’re from the Pacific Northwest, then you may think of clouds, fog, and persistent drizzle. Water is a life source, it’s a recreation spot, and it is largely responsible for whatever kind of climate and environment you grew up in. It’s also one of the single most destructive forces on the planet.

When water ends up where it isn’t supposed to be, it can cause rot, mildew, and mold and in time, destroy entire structures from the inside out. That’s why when you discover water damage in your home, it’s crucial that you get in touch with a professional water damage restoration team right away. In today’s blog from the water damage restoration experts at CleanPro LLC, we will provide the primary five reasons why you want a team of water damage experts on your...


When you have experienced a fire in your home, you have a lot on your mind, to say the least. Making sure that your family is okay, going through your possessions, and salvaging everything you can, can become a top priority. Getting back into your home is important too, but it can’t happen until you know that your home is safe and it has been restored to a liveable condition.

Thankfully, the fast response times and heroic efforts of firefighters all around the nation often prevent homes from becoming a total loss, and with the right kind of professional fire damage restoration help, you can get back into the home that means so much to you while avoiding the horrible memories of the fire.

In today’s blog from the fire damage restoration experts that residents and business owners in Gloucester and the North Shore trust, we’ll cover five of the reasons why it’s so important to seek professional fire damage restoration help after the initial recovery from your tragedy.

If you and your home have been the victim of a...


It’s the middle of winter, and you’ve just gotten home from work. The bitter cold is thankfully a thing of the past now that you’ve set foot inside your wonderful climate-controlled home. As you sit down to dinner with the family, one of the things you find yourself grateful for is the warm air blowing from the vents and chasing away the chill.

But as that warm breeze from your air ducts washes over you, your family, and the dinner table, you probably aren’t considering what your air ducts look like or what is inside of them. That’s probably a good thing though, because if you were, you might just lose your appetite.

Having your air ducts cleaned professionally from time to time is more important than you might think, and in today’s blog from the air duct cleaning pros at CleanPro LLC — serving Gloucester and the North Shore — we’ll cover five of the important reasons why.

Read on to learn more, or schedule an appointment to have your air ducts inspected and...


When you think of all the items in your home that you use on a daily basis, the list probably isn’t that long. With the exception of large furniture and huge appliances, most people probably wouldn’t even be able to fill an SUV with the possessions that they use the most.

Why, then, do most moves require the assistance of a massive moving truck? Why does it seem like there’s a neverending flow of junk in the home? Why does it feel like you’re drowning in useless things no matter how many of them you throw out? It’s a good question, and it’s one that many of our clients have asked themselves before calling us for junk removal services.

Well, the answer is different for everyone. Some people have trouble throwing out old stuff, others have an addiction to acquiring new stuff, and some folks struggle with both those things. As junk removal experts in the Gloucester and Essex areas, we’re here to help.


Let’s face it, everything you own gets dirty, from the front yard to your dogs. However, outside areas that are exposed to dirt and grime 24/7 get even dirtier, including your walkways, patios, driveways, and more. By power washing these areas, you’ll help not only keep your areas clean, but you’ll also help to promote the longevity of these materials, which are often concrete, brick, and stone.

CleanPro, LLC serves the greater Boston area with all of your pressure washing needs. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of scheduling a power wash for the upcoming fall season. Contact us today to get started!


Fall is the time of pumpkin patches, boots, cute hats, and spooky ghosts. It’s a time for apple picking at the best apple orchards here in the northeast and a time to sit back and watch the leaves fall. Many of us have an innate desire to tidy up our lives before the busy holiday seasons hits. This can include raking our leaves and cleaning the gutters, fixing the window that’s been broken since June, and figuring out why the downstairs toilet keeps running. We want all of our chores to be tidied up before winter hits and the fireplace beckons.

CleanPro, LLC is the best professional cleaning company in the Gloucester area. We do it all, from offering residential and commercial cleaning services to carpet cleaning and pressure washing. Our mission is to help you tidy up your life so you have more time to spend enjoying life. With our handyman services, we help you fix the odds and ends that have been building that are just now downright annoying you. Below, we’ll go over a few of our handyman services to help you tidy up...


Sometimes the summer can get away from you. You’re busy, travelling and planning for the future. The next thing you know, it’s August, and you’ve neglected your lawn care. CleanPro, LLC in Gloucester can help. We offer the best landscaping services in the North Shore area. We can revitalize your lawn and get it back to looking spectacular before the heat and weeds wreaked havoc on your lawn. Below, we’ll go over why now is the perfect time to take care of your landscaping needs. Contact us today to get started!


There’s one question that every homeowner will have to face over and over throughout the years: to call or not to call carpet cleaners?

The benefits of calling a professional are obvious — there’s no doubt that your carpet will look much better when you call the pros rather than doing it yourself. Of course, it’s not that easy; price is definitely a factor, and you can’t just call professional carpet cleaners for every tiny thing.

So, it’s important to know where the line is. What kind of carpet messes call for DIY work, and at what point does it become bad enough to call a professional team such as CleanPro? We’re here to help answer those questions. Let’s look at some situations where it’s prudent to call on carpet cleaning pros instead of doing the work yourself.


It’s no secret that messes, uncleanliness, and clutter all add to the stress in our daily lives, and there are few people who know understand this better than pet owners. While children give pets a run for their money in the mess-making department, animals nonetheless make things exceedingly hard for people who want to keep their home pristinely clean.

At CleanPro, we’re no strangers to the accidents that pets can cause. Sometimes it can get so messy that professional services are needed. That’s where we come in. However, it’s always nice to be able to avoid such drastic measures when you can, so in this blog post, we’re going to look at some of the ways you can mitigate the messiness of pets to keep a cleaner, more organized home.


Have you ever felt like a dirty, cluttered environment was directly affecting your stress levels? Well as it turns out, you wouldn’t be wrong. There are many ways that unclean environments affect our state of mind — both consciously and unconsciously.

At Clean Pro, we sure do love to be clean, and we love helping other people to be clean in their homes and commercial buildings as well. We know very well how stressful it can be when you’re living or working in a dirty space, but many homeowners don’t know the full extent of how it may be affecting them.

Here are some reasons why messy equals stressy.


Air is pretty cool. We’re especially fans of the oxygen kind. You know, the air that we breathe every second of our entire lives, which quite literally keeps us alive. For how well of a job clean air does at preventing us from dying every single day, it’s actually pretty underrated. The stuff that we breathe moves through our bodies more than anything we’ll ever eat or drink, and that’s why it’s kind of a shame that so many people in the world are suffering from poor indoor air quality without even knowing it.

That’s right, we’re talking to you. Did you know that there’s a very real possibility you could be breathing in suboptimal air every day that you’re at home? Indoor air quality can be tainted by many things, and some of them are tragically common in residential homes and commercial buildings.

Luckily, as people who are pretty adamant about how awesome air is, we’re committed to keeping it clean, and that’s why we’re familiar with all the telltale signs that your indoor air quality might be compromised. While we offer many solutions, they aren’t worth much if you...


At Clean Pro, we do a lot more than just residential and commercial cleaning services — we’re a team of many talents, and one of our favorite services to perform is commercial landscaping. There’s nothing like working with the land to create an imaginative and beautiful environment, and we love seeing the designs that ultimately unfold.

If you happen to be considering a new landscaping job for your commercial property, trust us when we say there are a lot of factors to consider. While many clients draw up their own designs for their commercial landscaping, we often provide expert consultation due to our knowledge and experience in performing the work. Sometimes, clients come to us to dream up the design in its entirety! But regardless of how you plan on carrying out the landscaping job, it’s good to know what you’re getting into, as well as some general tips and tricks.

We’re here to help. In this blog post, we’ll look at some important considerations when you’re planning a commercial landscaping job. Between these tidbits of advice, your imagination, and our...


While the summer months are a wonderful, welcome relief from a Massachusetts winter, they come as a blessing and a curse — a blessing because of the lovely weather, and a curse from the infernal bugs that love to make our lives miserable.

In Gloucester and the surrounding areas, you’re probably already well aware of how common mosquitoes and ticks are. While we’ve written a couple of blogs about mosquitoes, in this post, we’ll turn our attention towards ticks. Because, let’s face it — while mosquitoes are a downright nuisance, many people would take them in an instant over ticks.

Ticks are nasty, they burrow into their hosts, they cause gross bites, and they can spread Lyme disease. There’s really nothing at all to love about ticks, and they’re much more annoying to deal with than mosquitoes. So, let’s take a look at some tick prevention tips you can put into practice this summer.


With summer fast approaching, you’re probably already starting to notice it — mosquitoes, as they always do, are coming out of the woodwork. While the problem starts off small during the spring, they will be swarming people’s homes in no time, especially in Massachusetts, being a coastal state that has plenty of moisture to go around.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to deal with mosquitoes, such as the professional mosquito and tick control services we offer at CleanPro. But in the words of the mighty Sun Tzu, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Indeed, by knowing about mosquitoes, how they operate, and why they act as they do, you may actually find yourself better equipped at dealing with them on a day-to-day basis.

Here are some facts about mosquitoes — some of which are just fun facts, while others are useful in formulating an anti-mosquito strategy. Keep reading if you want the best pest control solutions for your Gloucester home.


Spring is coming, and summer will be here before we know it. While, for many, this is rightfully a cause for celebration, it also has its own caveats, and the emergence of mosquitos is definitely one of them. Massachusetts has more than enough water to ensure that mosquitoes will always be an annoying problem, and if you’re a homeowner in the Gloucester or Sussex area, you’re probably no stranger to having an abundance of them on your property.

While mosquitos might seem like they have unlimited numbers, there are things you can do to reduce their presence, both on DIY and professional terms. Is it impossible to step outside without being swarmed by mosquitoes? Do you want to take back your yard? Or at the very least, do you want to just be able to spend time outside without being swarmed? Consider putting the following tips into action:


If there’s one thing that the human race collectively takes for granted, it’s probably the fact that most of us don’t impulsively pee on our carpets whenever we have the chance. Such a simple thing! But if you’ve ever owned pets, the thought has probably crossed your mind more than once. It’s frustrating when cats and dogs don’t seem to get the hint that we don’t like ammonia-rich yellow juices on our carpets, and it’s made worse by the fact that it’s a pain to clean up.

At Clean Pro, we’re veritable experts in carpet cleaning, and we know all the tricks about cleaning up pee. But, like the old adage says, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; give a man a fishing rod, he eats for a lifetime.”

In other words, while it’s nice to be able to pristinely clean up the messes of pet pee, it’s even better if you’re able to come up with a solution that stops the phenomenon for good. Here are some things you need to know about pet pee, and some ways that you might be able to prevent it from happening more!


Oof. The sun is out, the weather is getting nice, and the harsh freeze of winter is slowly dwindling away, making room for warm months to come. Yikes. Ouch.

Yes, these are things that usually bring joy, but the lovely shining sun also carries with it a rude awakening — it’s time for spring cleaning. That’s right, still your optimism, there’s hard work to be done and the house cleaning isn’t going to take care of itself. There are floors to be scrubbed, junk to be removed, walls to be refinished, and windows to be washed.

If you’re anything like other Massachusetts homeowners, there are probably other places you’d rather be. Well, we’ve got good news — you don’t have to be the one that handles the spring cleaning! If you hire a professional cleaning service, such as our team at Clean Pro, you can have the experts take care of the job while you enjoy all manner of exciting extracurricular activities.

Here are some things you could be doing while Clean Pro takes care of your deep housecleaning!


If we had to make a list of “most underrated cleaning services,” window cleaning would probably be close to the top. We’re not talking about the occasional scrubbing you take to your windows — we’re talking about an actual professional job where those lovely glass panes are given the comprehensive treatment that they deserve.

Indeed, for most people, the occasional wiping of windows is enough. But, as it turns out, there are several compelling reasons to keep the windows squeaky clean in your commercial building. Here are some reasons why you should consider calling a window washing service for your Gloucester home or building!


We’re approaching that dreaded time of the year again — spring cleaning. That’s right, for many homeowners, the time is soon approaching that you’ll take a deep dive into your home’s cleanliness, attacking it from every angle. Spring cleaning is often a comprehensive process which inspects the amount of clutter in your home, how clean it is overall, and if there are any restoration or renovation jobs that need to be performed.

Inevitably, this leads to many people deciding that it’s finally time to get rid of a bunch of their junk. Unfortunately, they quite often make this process needlessly complicated or expensive, when in reality, one of the easiest, and environmentally-friendly ways to declutter is to hire a junk removal company. But, there are so many myths and misconceptions about professional junk removal services that you may not even consider the option if you’re buying into them.

At Clean Pro, we offer junk removal services to the people of Gloucester, North Shore, Gloucester, Essex, and other regions near the greater Boston area. We know our stuff when it...


Unless your name rhymes with “Voscar the Vrouch,” you’re probably not someone who likes to live around dirtiness, clutter, and junk. This is a trait that most people share, and if you happen to be the proud owner of a commercial building, the cleanliness thereof is probably an issue that often crosses your mind — and if it doesn’t, it should!

After all, a dirty building can be disastrous. It can lower employee morale or turn off customers and clients. If you’ve had it up to here with your building’s cleanliness (or rather, the lack thereof), it’s time to call for janitorial services in the Gloucester area. Still not convinced? Here are some telltale reminders that it’s time to call a professional cleaning service:


You won’t have to stay in Massachusetts for long to learn that the winters here can be unforgiving. With highs often ranging in the 30s during the winter months, winter hits us hard here, and as such, it’s important to be prepared.

There is a lot more to prepping for winter than just ensuring that you have the right clothes, or the perfect Santa decoration. In fact, your home requires a substantial amount of winter prep, which can ultimately increase its longevity and save you a lot of money in repairs.

Did you know that water damage is actually one of the biggest potential problems in a home during a freezing winter? This comes as a surprise to many, who assume that most water gets frozen and is therefore not a threat to anything.

We wish it were that simple, but we’ve carried out more than enough water damage restoration jobs in Gloucester to know that a lot of people don’t have an understanding of what winter does to their pipes.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at winter water damage, how it accumulates, and what you can do about it.


Sometimes, people question the need for professional house cleaners. And, all things considered, we don’t blame them. For most Americans who don’t live in lavish mansions, most homes can be well-cleaned by the homeowners themselves, and there is rarely a job that can’t be done by an amateur, so long as they have the right equipment.

However, that’s assuming that there are no hiccups. No nasty messes that make you question your sanity. No disastrous nightmare spills which invade your nightmares every time you fall asleep.

Indeed, there are some messes that are just so catastrophic that the average homeowner just loses all desire to do the job themselves. With world-ending messes, money is no longer an issue, and many people feel content to pass the job onto professionals. Are you skeptical of the need for residential house cleaners for your Gloucester home? Here are some messes that might make you reconsider:


Sometimes, people question the need for professional house cleaners. And, all things considered, we don’t blame them. For most Americans who don’t live in lavish mansions, most homes can be well-cleaned by the homeowners themselves, and there is rarely a job that can’t be done by an amateur, so long as they have the right equipment.

However, that’s assuming that there are no hiccups. No nasty messes that make you question your sanity. No disastrous nightmare spills which invade your nightmares every time you fall asleep.

Indeed, there are some messes that are just so catastrophic that the average homeowner just loses all desire to do the job themselves. With world-ending messes, money is no longer an issue, and many people feel content to pass the job onto professionals. Are you skeptical of the need for residential house cleaners for your Gloucester home? Here are some messes that might make you reconsider:


Construction jobs can vary in size and scale, but there’s one aspect of it that’s almost universally common — construction crews don’t clean up the mess they leave behind. Instead, the industry standard is to leave the job to a professional cleaning company, allowing construction workers to move on to jobs where their skills are more useful, and for the cleanup process to be comprehensive.

You might think that cleanup isn’t that hard of a job and that it should be customary as part of the construction process, but the reality is that post-construction cleanup can be a monumental task. As a post-construction cleaning company who has done this job on many commercial building sites in Gloucester, we know this better than anyone.

Some building owners — whether they’re homeowners cleaning up after a renovation, or building owners who had an entire office newly constructed — may feel tempted to handle post-construction cleanup on their own. We advise against this.

Want to know how extensive post-construction cleanup needs to be? Here’s a breakdown of all the tasks...


At Clean Pro, LLC., we offer an incredible variety of services, some of which you might not expect, such as landscaping, renovation, remodeling, and junk removal. Despite that, there is a reason why we called ourselves “Clean Pro,” and that’s because we’re bona fide masters at the art of cleaning.

Indeed, we are highly experienced in the ways of commercial and residential cleaning, and we have offered janitorial services and handyman services to the people of Gloucester and the North Shore for many years.

While janitors are often the brunt of jokes in comedy and mainstream media, the reality is that janitorial work can be extremely difficult and it provides an essential service which literally every building needs. If your janitors weren’t around to keep your office clean, you’d notice real fast, and the effects wouldn’t be pretty.

That’s why we love seeing great janitors in movies and media. Sometimes we need a reminder that janitorial work is a noble pursuit indeed. Here are some of our favorite janitors and handymen in fiction.


It’s always been somewhat paradoxical how damaging water can be. Water, after all, is the essence of life. It is responsible for all natural growth in the world, and humans will die within days without its sustenance.

And yet, water also has a nasty habit of wreaking absolute havoc when it wants to. Floods and destroy entire communities, while minor leaks and puddles can ruin entire areas of your home. Water truly can be a nuisance, and that’s why if you see signs of water damage in your home, it’s important to act immediately.

However, not everyone knows the telltale signs of water damage in their home. As a professional water and flood restoration company serving clientele all over Massachusetts, we’ll help you to know how to identify water problems in your home. Let’s take a look at signs of water damage, and what you can do about it.


It’s easy to take for granted how much of a luxury modern plumbing is. People used to have to go through tremendous lengths to find fresh, clean drinking water, and we have it at the tip of our fingers.

That is, of course, until we turn on our faucets and we’re greeted by a nasty rising pool of discolored water. Have you ever seen dirty water bubbling up from your drain? Have you ever turned on the water to wash your face, only to be greeted by nasty brown liquid?

If these things have happened to you, you’re likely experiencing a sewer backup. Sewer backups can range from mild to extremely serious, but the one thing that they have in common is that they’re pretty much always unpleasant.

Fortunately, our team at CleanPro is highly experienced in tackling sewer repair jobs, and we’d be happy to lend our services to you. In the meantime, here are some things you should know about sewer backups, sewer pipe damage, and how to go about repairing it.


We are now in the throes of autumn, and if your home is like countless other homes all across the country, you probably have some forsaken space somewhere in a deep dark corner that’s completely stacked with bins of holiday decorations.

Everyone loves a good retheming of their home during the holiday season. There is just too much to love. Turkeys! Pumpkins! Reindeers! These fall seasons have it all, but it comes at the price of a giant junk pile that seems to grow and grow every year like some kind of living organism.

That’s why, this year, you should consider calling a company such as CleanPro for professional junk removal services before you put all your decorations back into storage. Junk removal services are beneficial during any time of the year, but particularly so in the fall. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider junk removal and cleanup services this year.


Summer has ended, and fall has arrived with all of its glory. It’s time to rejoice, dig into that storage closet, and start pulling out all your Halloween junk that’s been sitting around all year. The season of pumpkins, turkeys, and Christmas trees has arrived, and you no doubt have seasonal decorating plans.

However, as professional cleaners, we can attest to the fact that Halloween is a messy holiday. A very messy holiday. It’s hard to think of any holiday that causes more disastrous messes than Halloween does, and nobody likes staying awake after the festivities to meticulously clean a mess that could have been easily avoided.

Here are some of the most common Halloween-related cleaning disasters that we see every year, and some ways to avoid them.


Tragically, we’re in that time of the year where much of the country’s forests are ablaze. Fires are always a threat in the hot summer months, especially if you’re living near forested areas. However, even if you’re not in the path of a potential wildfire, that doesn’t mean that an unexpected fire couldn’t happen for other reasons.

When a fire finds its way inside of a building, the effects are much more insidious and long-lasting than you might think. Most people are just concerned about whether or not the building or their property was burned. But a building with only minor burning is still dangerous to live in. Here are some reasons why smoke and fire damage are dangerous for your health:


Every building needs to be cleaned up. This is simply an unavoidable fact, and there are all kinds of consequences to neglecting the commercial cleaning needs that your building has. Safety conditions worsen, morale spirals downward, and the impression that people have of your building or business suffers. Cleaning is simply a universal need, and that’s why it’s important to make sure you’re hiring the right property management cleaning service.

Hiring the wrong team can be a waste of both time and money. There are so many responsibilities of being a property owner, and the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your professional cleaning company is doing their job. Want to have a stress-free experience with your cleaners while having a building that’s pristine and beautiful at all times? Before you type, “property management cleaning near me,” and just hire the first result that comes up, consider the following things first:


Most people, whether they admit it or not, like to be in clean spaces. While we could cite lengthy research papers that document the subconscious effects of cleanliness on the human psyche, it’s simpler to just ask a simple question — when you envision your ideal workspace, how does it look?

Chances are, you’re probably imagining something that’s clean and organized. You probably don’t notice if you haven’t given conscious thought to it, but our brains tend to default to cleanliness when we’re imagining a desirable space, whether it’s your living quarters or the place where you work day after day.

That’s why it’s so important to maintain a clean workplace in your commercial building. At CleanPro, Inc., we offer quality cleaning and janitorial services to businesses in the Gloucester area. There are several reasons why having a clean workspace improves employee morale — let’s take a look at a few of them.


Do you ever dread cleaning just because of the sheer amount of time it takes? As a company who has been offering local cleaning services to the people of Gloucester for years, we’ve seen more than enough instances where people call on us just because they don’t want to burn away their day while cleaning.

This is understandable. Cleaning can take a long time, and you probably have better things to do. Unfortunately, it’s not always practical to call a local cleaning company, and in those times, you’ll want to clean as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ever wonder how the experts can do things so quickly? Here are some tricks we use as professional cleaners that help to expedite the process — try putting them to use next time you have to do some cleaning of your own!


Ah, it’s that time of the year, where everybody’s favorite annual tradition is poised to return — spring cleaning! While we know that you must be jumping for joy just thinking of it, we’re here to propose a radical idea — that you skip the spring cleaning this year and hire a local cleaning service to take care of it.

Spring cleaning is a chore, but it’s necessary. Unfortunately, deep cleaning your entire home isn’t exactly something you do every weekend, and you probably know by now just how much of a time and money sink it can be. This year, consider hiring some professionals! At CleanPro, we’ve done countless spring cleaning jobs for clients in the Gloucester area who have had enough, and we love to see the smiles on their faces and the feeling of relief that comes this monumental job is done quickly and comprehensively by our team of professionals.

Feeling a little sick of spring cleaning? Here are some reasons why you should consider calling local cleaning services this year instead of doing it yourself.


Unfortunately, when it comes to cleaning, most people are divided into two categories — those who will never clean anything themselves, and those who will only clean things themselves. When it comes to the latter, this mindset is often influenced by various myths and misconceptions that revolve around cleaning. When it comes to cleaning your own house or living space, this might not be the worst thing in the world, but it’s a bit more of a problem when people are adverse to commercial cleaning services in their professional workplace.

Indeed, there are various misconceptions revolving around commercial cleaning. At CleanPro, being a commercial cleaning service ourselves in the Gloucester area, we feel the need to debunk these myths, especially since buying into them could negatively affect your business! If you ever hear any of the following misconceptions, rest easy knowing they’re not true.


Have you just got done with a reconstruction project, renovation or other interior or exterior project that left you with a mess and potentially hazardous materials lying around without anyone to clean up? If you’ve just finished one of these projects and you’re left to worry whether you’ll be able to get your business back to normal operating condition or your home back to being comfortable enough to live in, you need to call an expert cleaning service to get your home or business back on track for you. In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of the main benefits of calling a professional cleaning company to handle your reconstruction, renovation, or other project cleanup needs.


If you’re a business owner, there will come a point when your company will be too large to do your own cleaning and you’ll instead need to use a commercial cleaning service. Many people find that there are huge benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning company over doing their own cleaning. In this blog, we’re going to talk about what to look for in a professional commercial cleaning company, as well as what the benefits are of hiring one.


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and after it’s over you and your family will have a big task ahead of you: cleaning up. Although this sounds like a lot of work, it’s never as stressful as we expect it to be. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to cleaning up your Thanksgiving mess like a pro!


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